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Please read before attending lessons

A gentle reminder to all of our customers, the rules that are in place from the government guidelines to ensure that we can have our swimming lessons in the safest way possible.

- there is a one way system in place around the pool, a video was sent previously showing the flow of this one way system, please let me know if you would like me to resend it to you (this video is also available on the website, instagram and Facebook)

- children need to arrive with their swim wear underneath light clothing so that it can be removed quickly on poolside

- children should remove their outer clothing by the seating area on the opposite side to window not in any doorways that could block other children from entering and not in the changing rooms (only on exit)

- adults must wait outside the pool area unless the children need support with getting themselves undressed, this is to limit the amount of people on poolside

- once the lessons are finished the children must continue to walk around the one way system to the changing rooms, adults can meet their children in the changing rooms and cannot meet them on poolside, again this is to limit numbers and prevent any cross over of people 

- in the changing rooms you may not use the showers


If any of these rules are unclear or if there is anything you wish to discuss please contact me prior to the lesson so I can ensure that I am free and available to speak with you.


These rules have been dictated to me by Merchant Taylor’s and is a direct result of the governments guidance that allow us to be open, I hope you can appreciate it is stressful for all of us at this time but I think you can agree that we want to keep everyone as safe as possible.


I do hope this clears up any confusion there may have been regarding the rules and please let me know if there is anything you wish for me to clarify further.


Please see 'T&C's' and 'Covid-19 info' pages before attending lessons. There are important rules and guidelines now in place that need to be followed. Please also see the video of the new one way system. 

Thank you.  


New to 2021:

1 to 1 lessons! Contact us for more information

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2-1 lesson
2-1 lesson

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happy swimmers
happy swimmers

2-1 lesson
2-1 lesson